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Go Mobile

The world has gone mobile! Mobile pet care salons are the preferred choice of today's busy professionals.  With today's economy and hectic lifestyles it has become harder to meet all family needs.  Let us spoil you and your pet with our curb side service at your home or office.  Relax and have family time while your pet gets star treatment in the Doggie Paws mobile van.   For Appointments Call: (410)-474-5387 


State of the art

Doggie Paws operates with a new safe and secure state of the art custom built van designed specifically for grooming.  The van is equipped with a commercial grade generator, 55-gallons of temperature controlled fresh water, a super suds bathing system with a large 16 gauge stainless steel tub customized for grooming.  The tub comes with a raised shelf to bathe small breed dogs which then lowers to the bottom of the tub to accommodate large breeds.  An electric grooming table and table to tub ramp make bathing large or older dogs easy with no lifting involved or stairs to climb.  The van is also climate controlled to provide a comfortable grooming experience.  The Doggie Paws van is 100% self-contained




Here are just some of the great benefits that Doggie Paws offers:

  • Convenient appointments. No more rearranging your schedule to fit in your pets grooming appointment.
  • Not home, no problem. We will give your pet a potty break and lock up.
  • No more waiting in traffic and no more car sickness for your furry child.
  • Your pet is our only customer while we are at your home.  They receive our undivided one on one attention thru the entire grooming appointment.
  • No separation anxiety because your pet never leaves your property.
  • Pets are completely dried by hand eliminating the dangers of crate drying.
  • Being groomed in a small environment with no kennels cuts out the risk of such things as kennel cough, fleas and ticks as well as unwanted interaction with other pets.
  • Doggie Paws completes most grooms in an hour to an hour and a half. A day at the grooming salon can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.